ArchaeProfile and The Archaeal Domain

Archaea are single cell microorganisms having several unique characteristics which differentiate them from bacteria. One of the key features which make archaea distinct from bacteria, is the replication process, which is very different and resembles that of the eukaryotes. Z-curve approach is a widely used in-silico method to predict the Ori site in archaea, but it is not universally successful for all archaea. Location of the cdc6 gene and the origin recognition box (ORB) provide a better estimate of Ori site in archaea.The ArchaeProfile database is an initiative to provide the purine-pyrimidine(RY)and amino-keto (MK) disparity curve along with the cdc6 gene copy number and location and consensus ORB sequences in the available archaeal genomes, which could be helpful in locating the number of putative Ori sites in archaeal genomes. The database has some basic genomic record also, like genome length, GC%, total genes and proteins predicted to date, optimum growth temperature, pseudo genes and structural RNA for all available archaeal species. The information related to the genes involved in replication of the archaeal genomes is also given.Relevant data and methods available on the database can be readily accessed by the scientific community for further analysis as well as for tutorial purposes